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Helica is the commitment to culture and creative industries. We are a multidisciplinary team that covers all areas of digital communication put at the service of architects, designers, visual artists, cultural institutions, or any project with a special touch of creativity.

Our team is composed of people with extensive experience in the creative economy sector. At the end of the day, we are creative and we understand the importance of giving way to the digital era and we want to be the tool that guides other creatives to do it as well. The creative industries are the engine of the future and the future is digital. Let us help you.

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Morritz Peppele

CEO, Art Director, Founder

Carina Bauhaus

Graphic Designer, Front-end Developer

Gia Riley

Digital Designer


Back-end Developer


Our clients say

In Aran Viajes we are committed to travel and unique experiences. We trusted in Helica to carry out the renovation project of our website so that it reflects our philosophy and offers our clients a modern, intuitive, visually attractive and easy-to-use platform.

Thanks to the personal treatment, we were able to manage technologies that seemed out of the scope of our training, they became daily tools that we handle with fluency.

We also work with them side by side on different marketing strategies to reach our potential customers. Thanks to Helica, we have been able to carry out this digital transformation that has driven our business and expanded our horizons.

Amadeo Fernández Rodríguez

Manager of Aran Viajes

We decided to trust Helica Services, after confirming their commitment to innovation, their passion for the arts and their enormous creativity. To these values we must add their deep knowledge of the environment, both in its more technical facet, conformation of front-end or the visual layer, where their creativity shines and the back-end that makes the different functionalities work in the direction required.

To this we must add their vision of online marketing and content that they conducted in the most professional way, we have seen and paid special attention to this issue and the result can not be better.

We are really satisfied with the goal achieved, as it positions us at the head of the organizations of visual artists in Spain.


Zvonimir Kremenić

Board of Directors of AVAM

Visual Artists Associated of Madrid

The professional disparity that they develop for each project, converts, what for others is a weakness, into a creative advantage full of opportunities.


Paco Peña

Vice President of AVAM

Visual Artists Associated of Madrid.

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It is a pleasure and a success to have counted on Helica for the development of the website. No doubt professionalism and quality appropriate to my situation and demand. A help and a very correct service with the best care I could have. Successful and personalized design, meticulous aesthetics and some more than correct tips for a web page exactly as I was looking for.


Perfecto Mira Garcia

Manager of Herboparla S.L.